Ricochet Content?

Can someone port Maps, Weapons, Ragdolls [NPC’s TOO?], and props for Gmod? I know its a big request but i need it and its pretty important I get it soon…

I have a feeling you have never touched the game in your life, or you’d know there is no AI in that game.

My rates are 25.00 USD/hr with a half-day minimum.

I know its multiplayer only, The reason i said and npc’s is because i want there to be npc’s of the people so i can use npc controller stools on them, like a chell npc from the game Portal.

Sorry to say, but nobody is going to do this for you, especially when you aren’t offering anything in return or to contribute to the project.

i could make the spawnlists or provide the refrences or something…

Right. You do that which will take less than five minutes, and we’ll do probably 50 hours of work just to port stuff for you.

Just stop. I’m pretty sure stealing models from a game is questionable, but doing it for money is downright illegal


I might do it later, I’m planning on buying the game soon

thanks this will really help,


Valve owns Ricochet, and they stated years ago that porting HL1 content to Source was allowed and you could basically do whatever with it. Why shouldn’t I be able to charge money for my services? The models and maps don’t port themselves.

Well it’s not that you can’t charge money for it, it’s just that Valve gets a little angry about people charging for content that they made (admittedly shit content) and the fact that people will do it for free.

Where is this flock of people that are going to do it for free? I see one person, and I really doubt he’s going to port the content (or even has the experience/will to do it.) If the Ricochet content was going to be ported, it would have been a LONG time ago, it’s been out for almost a decade; And HL2 has been out for 5 years.

Ricochet isnt very popular and i guess it would just take a request to get someone into doing it, i’d be fine if it was just the weapons or the maps or the props and ragdolls. i need this tho and i have 0 expierence

You realize how hard porting is right?

i assume its easier then remodeling

It’s easier than remodeling, but it still takes lots of time to do. Maps take even longer.

I’d be fine with one map… And if they take longer than they need to im fine with that too, i just want to know its being done.

You’d have better luck making the maps yourself so you can actually learn something while you get something.

are the rings props or models. all the maps are just empty skyboxes with a killbox at the bottom and rings with scripts or whatever you’d call them. (and lighting and spawns etc.)

Those rings are only textures I always thought, and the maps are almost nothing…
So why bothering? Just remake those maps (or make them better with pinball tricks :P)

Like ricochet, with a ball flying around, and you have to jump against it to make it a killing ball :smiley:


Or walls that close and open pinball style, with some buttons.

Yay more content to pose!