Ridable Dragon

Ok we have swords, shields, magic, and builders. Where is the flyable dragon?

Obviously you should know where I’m going at. I know there is an npc dragon that is available for models but having a dragon that can fly and walk(maybe) is currently nonexistent. Anyone able to do this?

Get the model and CapsAdmin’s bird mounts, change the model name and you just might have yourself a flyable dragon.

Yeah I had thought about that but I’m not sure about the animations since my abilities are…lacking…

In addition: I have a problem with the mod. When I fly a crow or whatever, effects won’t go away. If it dies, blood is spawned on my face endlessly.

O.O… My head just lit up like a damn stop light!! Why didnt i think of this sooner!!!

It would be nice if the dragon could act independently to defend itself.
It does sound like a bird mount, but maybe without the bird poop attack. (fire, maybe?) ^^

Well I couldn’t get the effects to go away sadly. I suck at coding and all of that so that’s why it’s a request. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love for somebody to make this.

Get me an animated model of a dragon and I just might make this.

Well you want the npc version? I’d guess that would be enough but dunno.

Well here’s the one I tried.

Same here! Everyone keeps answering questions before me!!!


:siren: You could probably put a seat on the dragon by following these steps :siren:
Step 1: Download Dragon SNPC
Step 2: Download NPC weld tool
Step 3: Weld a seat to the dragon’s back.

Better? :holy: If it doesn’t work then I’m sorry but it’s the best I could come up with.

It’s not exactly driveable, but you can still sit on his back! :smiley: How fun is that? You can have your very own dragon of ultimate destruction. Have fun.