Riddick models (request)

Hello i have bought the chronicles of riddick assault on dark athena, and the game is awsome.

However i have noticed there are no models out from this game, i have seen requests for the butcher bay models from 2005 but some get no comments or comments about how cool they would be but no one has made them yet.

So i would greatly appreciate if someone made the Riddick model from dark athena, the guards from butcher bay, johns, some mercs, and any others they want but riddick being first priotity.


some pics.

also added one abbot.




guys behind abbot are the guards i want.


and i cant find johns.


Would’ve been fucking awesome to have Riddick.

it would! i would make them but i have no idea how and id rather have someone who knows what ther doing make them.

ok quick question… the files in the models folder are .xmd and .xtc witch one would be the model? like for hl2 files there mdl and smd files witch one is the right one for xmd and xtc?

also what is a good ripping program? i want to attempt this (it will be first attemt at modeling and will probably not be good but i will try)…if i get the right stuff and can figure it out…eventually.