Ride-able Horses and Codelock New Option

I think but i could be wrong, but horses were added just so we can have as a source transportation or as pets? Cause i tried getting one into my base to keep as a pet but the fucker used hacks and no-clipped through the walls and barricades, so i ended up killing it and eating it as wolf meat :). so having them as pets is out of the question, but what about having them as a source of transportation, it’s been a while maybe the team should get someone working on it for next week :).

 An idea for catching a horse, they have be below 50% health and then u most catch them by running after them till the fucker runs out of boost, after you have have one,  you would be able to put them at your base where you could build a 1+ horses barn, or just leave it by your base but another player can just come by and steal it.

 The Codelock is a great add-on to rust, i think we can all agree on that. Now  i most add, just giving other friends or m8 your code is not the best thing since they can change your code , leave it unlock, unlock it and an intruder can just come by and swap the codes ,and or steal the code lock, that's no bueno---> "good". So a m8 of mines told me of this idea which i think it's great and will be a game changer for all. 

So a code lock would have two codes instead of just one, a “master code” and “visitor/guest code”. The master code would have access to change code, remove lock, leave unlocked, assign/change guest/visitor code. While guest/visitor code will only have access to open door, this code can not unlock, change code or remove code codelock.

This are my two cent i hope this are usable ideas, if not leave comments or another fix… please make horses ride-able soon thanx

They’ve already come up with concepts for horse saddles and I think its a bit odd that a human could outrun a horse.

A horse could definitely out run a human in terms of speed and endurance. I think a more realistic option would be introduce a new weapon, a tranquilliser dart. Could be only useful on animals to put them to sleep before capturing them/hacking them to pieces and could also be fun to use on players and would knock them out when they get shot and are on 20 health or less. Kind of like the knock down effect but you’d recover on your own after a while. New way to steal peoples stuff without flat out murdering them.

As for code locks, I like the idea of two codes. Although it kind of takes away the idea of “do I trust my friends enough with my stuff”. I’ve known a couple of people give away their friends codes just for the fun of it or in exchange for items.

You do recover on your own when downed if you have enough nutrition.

Is it really your food and thirst values that determine that? I remember when that feature was added that they were a bit vague about how it worked.

I meant no matter what, unless someone put a bullet in you, you’d recover.