Ride of the Valkyries - Resistance air-assaulting Skynet research and development facility

Straight from Salvation. Well except for the music, of course. Spent a lot of time editing this, didn’t even count how many hours. I guess three.




I might give this Huey skin to Taco N Banana.

Comments, criticism, notes, nitpicks, help, advice.

Want me to get in contact with Dave?(creator of the server)

If you’re talking about DaveBrown, I already messaged him.


Nice work overall. I like how you made the picture really desaturated, but the explosion and fire quite saturated. It’s not really my cup of tea (wow that sounds British), but it’s interesting.

Very coincidental how i made a Terminator based pose and you make one too…If i send you a pose of mine can you edit it?(it’ll be a few hours or so before i can send it. i’ve yet to make it :v:)


Not bad … more shoop than pose for my taste but still not bad.

However, Richard Wagner’s “Ryde of the Valkyries” doesn’t fit in here even a 'lil bit.
Maybe for an homage to “Apocalypse Now” but not “Terminator”, the context is waaaaaaay too different.

Very nice. Liking that editing. Explosion inparticular.

Nice pose.

I simply love it.

The editing is quite intense you made, rated A for artistic.

But dad, I wanted a chopper attack music…

Nah, I know what you mean. I first thought of using some Immediate Music piece, but couldn’t decide which one of them.

The Terminator on the ground looks so real. Holy Shit.
Nice editing on the terminator but the helis look rather pasted in IMO.

Should I try adding some depth to the helis?

Very good job.

Are those…black helicopters?

How shiny would your helicopter look like after being used in a post-apocalyptic desert world for years with no chance of cleaning it? :toughguy:

Nah ignore the offensive crap, but you get my point.

Make some shadows on the ground or something

There were shadows, but it seems the dust covered them up. Adding now.