Rideable Horses?

After seeing this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69qFySaeax8 and literally puking, at how out of place the car looks. I was talking to a couple frineds, and we came up with the idea of; ride-able/tamable horses. Rare, and randomly spawning these horses would be used as a means of quicker transportation around the land of Rust. It would not be easy, you would have to frequently feed your horse and ride it. Possibly stamina or jump upgrades??, inb4 Nintendogs or Minecraft 1.6.

Consider the idea, and discuss it below.

Love it!

That was a video I posted up about 6months ago during the closed alpha. I do agree that cars don’t fit the current look of the game and after recently revisiting the game I’m not sure vehicles are even needed while the map is restricted to it current playable size (did make a thread months ago about it).

Maybe when/if the play area gets expanded then horse transport could make them long resource hunts more interesting. But of course there is more pressing issues that need addressing first!

P.s. In case people don’t know the cars were spawned in by the devs while the game was in closed alpha for “testing purposes” and are NOT in the current build of game (before peeps start asking how to get cars)

I think this is a horrible idea, sorry. People would have more of a reason to shoot you on sight now that you’re on a horse.
With cars, you’d be more protected. Yes, the car is WAY out of place, but it’s a placeholder. I would recommend a rusty-ass beat up junker, which by crafting car parts with metal fragments, you could repair.

Also, what server is that? That is awesome. I want to drive a car.