Rides the Metal Monster; Breathing smoke and fire; Closing in with Vengeance soaring high...

Had to use a terminator because there weren’t any other suitable cyborg models around.

Flying high on rapture, Stronger, Free and Brave
Nevermore encaptured, they’ve been brought back from the Grave
With Mankind resurrected, forever to survive
Returns from Armageddon to the Skies

(Warning: Contains screaming)


Sorry about the aliasing again, I’m a lazy fuck when it comes to isolating so I use greenscreening and it doesn’t always work. The GIMP dev fuckers should add a Select By Colour Range tool ffs.







Holy shit balls! I want that motorcycle in real life.

Color - Hotz
Scene - Hotz
Effect - Damn HOTZ!!

daaaamnnn youuuu jooooaaaazzzzzz

lol chesty thinks this is funny

I guess he just can’t get himself over the “lol metal is funny pussy music” thing and therefore laughs at the concept, ignoring everything else.

Holy flaming dino-cycles, batman!

poorly imitates Butthead from Beavis & Butthead That is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

This gave me an epic boner. :v:

Amazing work, a great model and very nice editing. Love the flames and fireballs.

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Also amazing song

fucking amazing

The only thing I don’t like is the flames. The rest is Metal goodness.

fucking great

I want that motorcycle, the wheels look like if they can tear ass literally down the road.

Do you have GTA IV?

You got the basics of fire down, but you gotta slap some more shit on it for it to look authentic. As of now, it’s not really glowing.

Brah, what’s with the jaggies? Take a pic with a bigger resolution, then reduce it in size in potatochop, that way you can remove the jaggies or, if you’re super-patient, smudge them with a 2 pixel brush?

Thanks for the tip.

What kind of shit? Elaborate, please.

Yes. EFLC too.

Well, mainly some more orangish layers to make it glow more. Then you could play with some filters, too, to make a slight distortion. Also a good idea is to downscale the fire and enlarge it again, since high quality fire doesn’t really blend well with game poses.

And well just play around with it a bit more so it blends with the wheels better.

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the main advice would be just to experiment with everything.