I realise this is alpha but the amount of resouces are rediculous… Watching the intro video last night got me so excited and instantly purchased the game, but…
after running around for 5 hours and dying multiple times of starvation i was still unable to find 1 single pig or any animal for that matter, they are next to non-existant.
Those stone boulders on the ground? absolutly none of those either. How is one ment to survive when one has abosutly no way of doing so. The only thing i can see fun in this game atm is just hitting random people with a damn rock.
Increase the damn resources, it doesnt matter if people end up with lots of stuff cause an alpha game should be wiped alot correct? wouldnt it be better having resources so the current player base can actually do something compared to close to no resources and totally boring the current player base??

Now, some will say “duh why dont you ask someone for help or items” well no, from the games intro vid youre lead to believe surviving, hunting animals and building are what you do, not running up to people and begging for some cloth to make a sleeping bag or a peice of meat so you can eat and then continue to run and see nothing at all for 30 more mins.

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Look near buildings, there is often good stuff near them.

Only thing ive ever found around buildings are packs, packs that contain a lovely rock.

Avoiding the pkers is very very easy imho, ive been pked maybe 2 - 3 times, so its not like im given a short period of time to look for items between deaths, i run and run and run and search any and every pack, building, container i see untill i starve, these are not the issues here, its the amount of nothingness in the game.

Those packs you’re finding with rocks inside are from players whom have died recently.

You’re not finding any resources because you are likely traveling north, which is barren past a certain point. What you want to do is head south, towards the coast. If you can’t see the ocean when you spawn, just use the sun to find your bearings.

Try pressing F1, typing ‘suicide’, then choose ‘camp respawn’. It’ll generally spawn you near resources.

Did you know that there are also players on the server doing the same thing? That, and you might have been in a bad spot.

If your definition of surviving by any means excludes going to higher ground to scout an area, asking for help, or that your definition of asking for help excludes directions to resources…then those starvation deaths are going to be frequent and well earned. Read the wikipedia, look at the maps, and research some RL survival strategies like getting your bearings. They will all help you in this game

Not all wikis are Wikipedia, a Wikimedia Foundation project, fyi.

I’m hoping the point is still made though…doing some research.