Ridiculously Difficult Request

I have a task for those who feel they are up to it. Be warned, as it is not for the faint of heart. I wish for somebody to edit a Barney Calhoun model for me. But, this is no simple headhack, oh no. This is something much more fiendish. I need for someone to grab a few verts of his head, and give him crazy “manga” like hair:


and hex the result. So, to recap:


Do not care about the textures being unrealistically stretched, as I will reskin it later. Also, keep the physboxes the same, as this is not meant to be realistic. Whomever completes this task shall be acredited where credit is due, obviously, and will gain even more positive entries to their undoubtly already extensive Role of Victory. If you have even read this far, I thank you.

I may as well ask the question that anybody who wanders into this thread will ask.


It’s for a machinima. Plus, I lost a few bets.

Even more of a reason to hate barney.

wtf barney is pro

I hate him cause of his annoying laughs.

I hate him cuz he does jack shit.

Do you want to make him a DBZ character?

Pretty much. Actually, that is a perfect analogy. Why didn’t I think of that?

Really? Nobody is up to the task? Oh, c’mon! It’s easy! I would do it myself, except my SMD importer for Blender screws up ragdolls.

I do not know anybody named barney…except barney that purple LSD foocker

Are you sure you’re on the right forum?