Riding crop or whip?

Does anyone know if someone made a model of these or can someone make a model of them? Just a plain black leather riding crop big enough for…the medic from tf2 to hold. Or a whip that is also black leather, again big enough for the medic to hold, and uncurled.

Sounds kinky.

Yep…medic is a evil jackass who likes bondage so…might as well give him some toys…I thought since everyone and his sister has the dildo models we might as well get some bondage up in here.

Anyone gonna even try this? Or should I let this thread die and try again?

There might be something from Oblivion mods that I could port, but I’m kinda too busy to do it right now. Remind me in a month and I might be able to do it.

I’ll try to remember then.

Bumb because its been about a month lol.

-actually snip-