Rig scaling problem in Source

So I’m basically doing a basic port of the pokemon Zygarde, and I’ve come across this little thing:


The rig is scaled incorrectly and is not where the actual model is located.

But in 3DSMax, the rig is where it’s supposed to be:


What am I doing wrong here?

Edit: I found a solution to the problem. It is now fixed.

Bumping this since I really need help with this.

if you’re using Wall Worm model tools, which settings do you use, and what does the QC file the tools generate look like?

This is a really simple QC file to just see so it works in Source.

$modelname   "pokemon/Zygarde.mdl"

$cdmaterials "models/pokemon/"

$sequence idle "Zygarde" fps 1

$body studio "Zygarde.SMD"

And these are the Wallworm settings when exporting:


And the Wallworm settings:

I would personally try messing around with settings to see if anything fixes the issue.
other than that, there isn’t really anything I can help you with.

Well, thanks anyhow. I’ll see what I can come up with.

is the model itself actually rigged correctly?

Yes, as far as I know it is.

Now, I did try to scale this model, but from a different file, and the rig might still have the same scale as the one I messed around with, from compiling it. So I’m going to change around in 3DS Max until I find the scale good enough for source.

Try this:
(1) Select all the bones
(2) Animation > Bone Tools
(3) Bone Edit Mode
(4) Press “Realign”, “Reset Stretch” and “Reset Scale” once
(5) Fix any fuck ups, hopefully none
(6) Export

You may also need to make sure that the mesh itself has it’s Xform reset.

Generally speaking, the scale of all objects and bones exporting should be [1,1,1]. You can

Here are some other misc scale tips. I just updated it with a section on Rescaling a Skinned Model.

I’ll try tomorrow when I have access to my main computer. Thanks for all of the tips so far, can’t say they work just yet though.

get 3dsmax 2012, wunderboy smd exporter is much better imo

I have the same problem usually. The way to fix it is to import the SMD AGAIN and realign the rig or the mesh until they’re close together. Then export it again and viola, it’ss fixed. S’usuallly what I do,

The problem being, the rig is scaled accordingly in Max, but after I’ve compiled it and everything, it turns to shit.

When you say it is scaled correctly in Max, do you mean that it “looks” correct or that it is actually scaled correctly. Because something can look correct but not be good for exporting. There is a technical difference between an object’s actual scale (in Max’s transformations) and how big it appears in your scene. If any of the bones are not have [1,1,1] scaling in the world, it will mess up the export. So if you select a bone or the mesh and type this into the MAXScript listener: $.scale and hit enter. Notice the values. If they are not [1,1,1] then it won’t work as you expect.

That is why you should read the article on My Model Scale is Wrong.

As a general rule, you should never scale anything at the object level in 3ds Max, especially anything that uses hierarchies or is animated. While there are legitimate reasons to scale the objects, there are countless problems that arise from doing that. This is a general piece of advice that goes beyond just how Wall Worm works–it’s a principle you should incorporate with all 3ds Max projects because of the problems that can arise. And when you do scale any object at the object level, it is generally important to reset the scaling immediately unless there is an affect you are using that specifically needs transformation scaling.