Rig this for CS:S please (MW2 russian paratroopers)


yes, please? only requirement is that the team should be the one pictured.
for TERRORISTS please

don’t you think that there should be more variety than 3 guys with gasmasks?

well, there are only 2 types of heads… helmet and balaclava or gasmask

There were blast shield visors and sniper hoodies by default, but as PREDAAATOR has shown, you can hack any head or any equipment item onto them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gasmasks, I just don’t think that EVERYONE should wear them.


and, about what you said, you are right… maybe 2 guys with gasmasks in red camouflage, 1 guy with helmet and mask in tan and one guy in helmet and mask in red camo…

lemme change the OP.

bump… please!

i like gasmask

me too, but… lets try some variety then

added a picture

Can we also have the Russian MVD troops that shows up at the airport be CTs?

Russian militia vs. ultra-nationalist rebel forces… XD It would be totally awesome.

well, it would be possible since we already have models… but i mainly want the paratroopers

guys i got a question- is it possible in CSS to have a model with multiple skins and when you spawned it would choose a random skin from that skins?

and how do you use server-side players?


last bump.

ill give it a go although blender doesnt have edit mode when i decompile into .smd which is annoying

oh, thanks!

dont get your hopes up too high though

Ok, I wont.

ummm… any progress?