Rig this for Garry's Mod?

Wow I totally overlooked the low poly version. Thanks, makes rigging this much easier.

I’ll see how smoothing this goes.

KP-ShadowSquirrel is apparently working on a enhanced Derpy model (few extra polygons maybe?) and a Trixie model after he makes the complete poses for Celestia and Luna. Also bringing to question that would the hat and cape that she has be body groups or seperate props if they were made and ported to GMod.

The textures on the model look pretty good.

I’m thinking that making a Nightmare Moon model was be just a simple reskin of Celestia.

I doubt It’ll be that simple as she’ll need her armor.

In the mean time, I’m making a Nyx ragdoll by using pices from Lyra, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash, and modifying them where necessary.

I can try to make NM, if i have free time. :smile:

oogaboogaman, can you port trophies? This is will be quite useful, i think.

I can as a prop. Though, I have no idea what size they should be.

Hmm… probably like a mane six.

I cannot rig them as a ragdoll because it would take far too much time and work due to the model being asymmetrical and not following the other mane 6 pony template.

And i think need as prop, not ragdoll, and if that will be difficult, leave the same size as they are created.


The original model would look slightly better due to Garry’s Mod’s, well, modeling. You CAN make hi-res reskins, but ponies are highly animated in their show. Thus, having alot of polygons and joints. This makes for quite a large file, so having it be a little more low-res would be better.

I can’t see how a cartoon animation affects the balance and flexibility of 3D models, I know that in the show that the characters are pretty flexible depending on what they do.

What size is that? Do you have a reference? Or should I make it the same size as the other ponies?

I’m guessing he means that they should be the same size as the mane 6, and maybe a 2nd set where they are down sized and as big as the Saxxy trophy.

Alright got the low res rigged and she’s eye-poseable. She’s also 2x easier to pose than the mane six, since I’ve tried to optimize the hell out of it.


Not sure what to do about the hair and tail… I think there will be too many bones. Maybe make them separate models or something. (Currently she doesn’t have poseable hair or tail.)

I’m liking the work you have done so far!, by the way… the way that Celestia looks at the camera just makes me feel… uneasy… (Molestia?)

OMGOMG IS PRETTY! Sorry. Couldn’t hold myself for awhile. I think you should make the hair jiggly bones. That should be equal to, say, the amount of joints in Pinkie Pie (her hair’s posable, so I’m using her as an example)

Jigglebones are not the best idea for a model with hair that big.

Good point. But imagining Celestia without hair? shudders I think I’d rather be banished to the moon for 1000 years then see that. But, do what you have to do.

Jigglebones aren’t practical for ragdolls. Maybe only if they are npcs or playermodels.

I also might be able to fit enough bones for the hair and tail in one model because of optimization.

I’m guessing the Luna model is going to be a little bit of a copy/paste of some of the bones and flexes from the Celestia model or something.