Rig this for Garry's Mod?

Unfortunately Luna looks to be completely different and will have to be rigged from scratch.

Possibly, but Luna is around the height of the mane 6, so…

She is kinda higher than the mane 6 if you look at a reference picture and a screenshot from the actual show.

Need trollface as face expression.
Nice work oogabooga, seems like will be not difficult to reskin and hex as Nightmare Moon. Shit, i can’t wait. :smile:

She looks pretty! The possibilities with her and Luna in gmod are endless! By the way, I thought we were not suppose to talk about ponies on here.

If you post image marco’s and reaction images and shove it all in peoples faces then you can get banned.

If you keep alot of the MLP art and shit to yourself and other fan communities then it’s okay.

You dirty boy. :v:

I’m pretty sure talking about the pony models requested in a pony model requesting thread is alright. :v: Just not anywhere else probably.

their rules seem to change often. First, they close a thread on request over it, and now they don’t, which is this. So i guess it’s fine, if something is being done.

Oh, you know i don’t mean it that way.


I think the thread that we have currently is lucky compared to this thread. Just because the title doesn’t attract haters and it’s more easy to pass off.

Indeed. I better make a note of it for titleing.

What’s the current bone count?

By my count Alex has around 74-75 bones and by the looks of things, Celestia has less than that. If Applejack is anything to go by, you’re only about less than half way to Alex’s bone count

I’m surprised I fit 31 bones in her, with poseable hair and tail. The thing is that a reference model can have a maximum of 128, whereas the physics model has a maximum of 32.

That’s odd. How does that even work?

And is that for all current available versions of Source Gmod is compatible with?

The limitations are like this so that an animated model can have a whole crapload of bones, so that animations appear smooth, and allow the model to have a wide range of animations.
A collision mesh (essentially a ragdoll), in terms of a typical game, obviously doesn’t exhibit these properties, so they’ve got a maximum of 32 bones.

I’ve seen 1 common error with the pony models and thats when you spray blood all over the models and then the game will crash with a “too many indices” error. I don’t know if that is fixable or not.

That is because those pony models are completely unoptimized by me, but Celestia is optimized and easy to pose, and you can paint stuff on her. :v:

Makes sense. I’m guessing because they have so many bones they cause the game to lag, which is kinda evident for me. My computer is just a bucket of bolts.

Well, face posing is working.


Nightmares? where were going… we don’t need NIGHTMARES!

Look at the image above and while listening to the audio of the video.