Rig This Sub-Zero

i would like it if someone could kindly make this a ragdoll, with finger posing, and faceposing

no eyeposing, that would be silly, i meen, the eyes are totally blue

also, if you could, bodygroup the swords and include each as a seperate prop (they have differant handles, so that meens 2 differant props)

Why have you linked to someone’s (I presume your) DA messages page, i’m pretty sure other people can’t look at those.

hold on…


oh i did, silly me



Thats interesting, didn’t know you could put RAR files on DA.

well apparantly you can


Why does it feel like his abs are pronounced.

ive noticed, they are too pronounced, but nothing a couple minutes of texture editing cant fix

Did you ask permission?

now…what do you think?


ya’ see? read his description

Why does he have spider robot legs coming out of his back?

those are swords…

the handles odd shape is, i dont know really…


That is an exceptionally awesome model. Honestly when I read the subject, I figured it would be something sub-par (given they didn’t want to rig it themselves) but that outright kicks ass.

Was it ripped from somewhere or did you actually make it OP?

  1. i didnt make it
  2. it’s made by the guy in the link, not me

but i agree, its a fricking awesome model


but he defined the abs to much and forgot nipples


on another note
is doing this request, so rejoice! it will be out sometime soon i hope


i think he was the guy who did the predator ragdoll from AvP3

Or. There are no nipples because that’s actually a breastplate painted to imitate skin color, to simply confuse his enemies.


I was bored so I rigged this pretty quick.
Before you start complaining about bodygroups, it wouldn’t let me compile with it so i compiled them as seperate models.

Contains 4 different ‘bodygrouped’ subzeros and a blade as a prop

Jesus fucking christ

its awesome

where do you find it??? is awesome!!!
there is scorpion?!?!?!