Rig this to the CEDA Uncommon animation skeleton?

Could someone rig this model to use the CEDA uncommon infected’s animations?


I need it for a map I’m working on, gonna have custom uncommon, he’s gonna be a nuclear power plant worker, provided I can reskin him well enough.



Come on, isn’t there someone out there who can do this?!

Its probberly because your asking for something for an L4D2 mod on a Garry’s Mod modding site.

(And that what your asking for is actually quite difficult and time consuming).

It’s not a Garry’s Mod modding site, we do much broader stuff. I do at least.

Anyways, I hear it’s a lot harder to edit L4D2 infected than it is for L4D1.

I know it’s not just a Garry’s Mod Modding site, but its primarily a Garry’s Mod Modding site (as it’s the forum site for Garry’s Mod).

Yeah L4D2 would be really really hard. Well, might be easier if you turn off gibbing…

Well why is it harder? I’m curious.

The smelly new texture system they put on it.

Plus yeah, L4D2’s new gibbing system is more difficult too.

Thats a shader thing, surely you dont have to use it, like the Survivors don’t.

Actually adding new infected is really simple, its just the gibbing that’s a problem(As Dean said). I tried this request but its ether Valve made it so you can’t add new infected (Noticed as my personal skin infected isn’t working) or one of my mods is fucking it up

Proof that custom infected do work

Well Jimmy Gibbs has no Gibs. o:

Share how you did it!