Rig this Travis Touchdown Model from NMH with Face, Eye, and Finger posing, please!


I’ve either requested, or been part of a request for, a Travis Touchdown model. We have it now. Problem is; No faceposing or eye posing. And it’s a scout replacement. I have here, the .obj file and the Scout Replacement. What I want, as well as many other members of the Gmod community, is a Travis Touchdown ragdoll, with working eye, face, and finger posing. If anyone, ANYONE, would take this up, a great many community members would be thankful. I’d be thankful. And Travis would stop calling me a “F*ckhead” for not getting him into Gmod.

http://redirectingat.com/?id=629X1198&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fpsbanana.com%2Fskins%2Fdownload%2F71841 = Original scout replacement by Mecha the Slag.




The three links above = Travis.obj posted by ffrasisti

Pics, just in case;




It’d be a shame if this didn’t get done. I appreciate any and all efforts towards this, as do many others, and here’s hoping this is taken up.

Also, if anyone wanted to try modeling or rigging that Beam Katana of his, that’d be awesome, but it’s not necessary, and isn’t really part of the request. It’s just something to consider.

If you have the model of the beam katana, I can try to port it.

Unfortunately, I do not. I believe Mariokart64n may have it, and if not, he’s the only one who has access to it.

FARUKENO BUMP! (For great justice.)

Bump. This is the request I shall not give up on. I will bump until it happens.

I mean, it’s so close!

SZK,you are a little bit annoying,always bumping your own thread for your own likes.

This sounds like a mariokart64n job, considering he was doing NMH ports. In fact I think he did Travis already + some other peeps.

He ported them, but never rigged them up. Plus Mariokart’s not the type to do finger, eye, and faceposing. And I’m sorry about bumping, but I’m just taking a cue from Wally.

He bumps his “Custom Model” thread every few hours. I’ve bumped mine three times. But, I intend to keep it up so that someone capable can come along and rig it up with all the extremities.

I would port him if I could, but the best I can do is to port him as a prop, without flexibilities.
And he would look polygonal because I don’t know how to smooth.


Should work in GMod.

I had that one. Look in the opening post. That’s the exact one I mentioned. I need one with face posing, eye posing, and finger posing. That one doesn’t have those, not to metion it’s on the scout’s bent skeleton, and bent skeletons = not as condusive to modeling. Thanks for looking, though.

Sigh bump.

just travis>?

Well, I believe requesting just one is more likely to happen than requesting more. I’d love for his Beam Katana and even the Schpeltiger, and Sylvia in her many forms would be cool too, but I just want Travis the most right now.

Depressed bump

Theres a TF2 scout skin that uses travis touchdown.

sorry i was going to get this done during the weekend, but I totally forgot. maybe next weekend I have saturday off, just remind me next time.

Oh really? Cool, I’ll make sure to do that. Thanks Mariokart. Would you like your reminder on friday or saturday?

I can’t wait to see this. Your models are VERY good, mariokart64n.

Indeed they are. I think Mario’s gotten the most ragdolls into Gmod so far. At least, he’s got the most video game models. Not all of them have faceposing, fingerposing, and eyeposing, but most didn’t need or couldn’t have it.