Rig "Zilla" Request


Here is the link to a Zilla model from the 1998 movie, GODZILLA. Here is a picture for you guys who don’t know Zilla:

Can someone PLEASE rig and compile it to garry’s mod, in 2 sizes?

Human sized
Strider sized

That way we can stick it in a skybox too. so PLEASE do this! We can finally have a godzilla/zilla in GMOD!

Credit to:
Scott Ayers
LDragon’s “advertising” :science:

You need not credit me for anything. Scott Ayers, however, should at least receive an honourable mention for creating and sharing this model with the world.

I’m not sure how well she’ll translate to Source, though. The model depends quite heavily on displacement for fine detail.

Here’s how she looks with and without displacement:



Oh so cute <3
I want it too.Has anybody have a tutorial for make props?

oh yrah this is going to be good, i love that 98 zilla movie but Japanese godzilla killed 98 zilla in the last godzilla movie. I would do this request but i can’t. or your maybe doing it your self

Just uploaded a 90-frame walk loop to the site, though I doubt it’ll be of much use to GModders.

GReat idea not much people know about zilla.

SNPC anyone?

YERSCH that would be good, but they didn’t even get the zilla into the source engine I think. Let them work.

I would indeed love to see this in Gmod. That walking animation is pretty good, although, the tail could sway a bit more, and there’s something about the legs…Is it the angle the left one goes when stepping forward?..I’m not sure. It’s very cool though :slight_smile:

I would very much like a ragdoll of this first. Maybe even faceposable lol.

why face posable if it’s like a dinosaur ragdoll all you have to do is move the mouth and use eye poser and that’s it.

if no one has decided too do this yet i’ll take a stab at it, need a break from rigging zombies need too also release the e102 gamma i promised i would have out a few days ago >.<

will you release it in the sonic thread or the releases page.

I asked Nexus Elite if he could do it, but if anyone else wants to give it a go, go ahead :slight_smile: We have multiple Zero suit samus’ and lucarios and billy mays, multiple zillas won’t hurt anyone :slight_smile: Some may prefer one over the other, so have at it!

w00t that’s pretty awesome man. very nice animation aswell.

Why would they release it in the Sonic thread?? :S

was referring too the e102 gamma model lol =P

Oooh, yeah, d’oh, silly me :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol a lil off topic but does that Gabriel method ad refer to Gabe Newell? Anyway, someone should really try to take a crack at this I’m tired of the plain boring dinosaurs and kitty models on front page of gmod.org.