Rigged models for Maya?

In my Game Dev program we’re finally getting to the juicy parts and learning how to animate using pre-rigged characters; unfortunately I don’t learn rigging until the end of this year, I think.

In the mean time, I was wondering if any of you fine lads had rigged models I could play around with in maya.

My favorite animation rig is the Norman rig, but if you have tf2 installed you should also have all the tf2 rigs in:

sourcesdk_content f\modelsrc\player\classname\parts\maya

and they are awesome fun. I also have a valve biped rig i made myself but it’s comparatively shoddy.

Yeah we play around with Norman a lot in my Animation class. And thanks for that tidbit about TF2, didn’t know that! gonna go search for the folder now.
Edit: the tf2 model rigs are giving me errors when I try to open them. ??