Rigged models from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, gundam or Saint Seiya games?


Found this site while looking for rigged 3d models from videogames.
I experiment mixing up models from various source; to do crossover and cinematics; I am learning now about how to use software like XNAara, MMD and Unity3d.

I was looking for either the textured obj from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Saint seiya and gundam games, or the rigged model itself. I do have the original games, tried to get the models out but I quite suck at such things; and getting help about such topics is always a hit or miss. I found here some old threads mentioning game models, and was wondering if someone would be so kind to share links where I can find models from games, and in particular from the games that I mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve seen TvC models somewhere. You can extract the Wii game easily since I think it uses .BRRES for models.

The few that I found were here, the link for the “battle of the planets” mesh was working, but the one for all the other characters was not.

Is there a converter for this .BRRES format? I use 3dsmax as importer/exporter for most of my mesh, and this format does not ring a bell.