Rigging a css player model on a hl2 skeleton??

how can i go about doing this i actually need my model on a hl2 skeleton for
ragmorph mod

is it already compiled? like released? if so, just rerig it with valve skeletons

I didn’t make the model I’m just editing the model on a hl2 Skeleton
but how do I do it???

I think CSS models already are on the HL2 skeleton.

There not because when you try to pose them there hard as he’ll to pose

Just because they are hard to pose doesn’t mean they aren’t on the HL2 skeleton. Being hard to pose depends on the bone constraints.

Both HL2 and CSS models use the same skeleton. If you need a CSS model to have HL2 animations, you just gotta decompile the CSS model and change the animation lines to make it use the animations you need.

i just checked and they do use the same skeleton but how can i change the bone constraints to work like a hl2 ragdoll??