Rigging a gun in blender for source, need help

Hello, I am trying to rig a gun for use in Source Filmmaker.
I want to be able to move the slide, mag, trigger and hammer independently to each over, without the hassle of having to export and compile 5 models.
All the tutorials I look at are not focused at source, and they do not outline how bone creation works.
I looked at the valve official tutorial but when it came to exporting it didn’t work.

Is it possible that someone could write a step-by-step guide for rigging a gun model, and exporting it as an smd file?

Thanks in advance!

I’m animating a gun right now so i can help you out with some gifs and images. I’ll post a quick guide when i get home.

I look forward to it, Since I do want try to rig some Blacklight: Retribution weapons.