Rigging a hat bone to a playermodel (CS:S)

Frankly I can’t find any tutorials that can help me, they’re all about Team Fortress 2.
I’ve edited the GIGN playermodel to be a custom serverside playermodel, and I am oblivious on how to rig a hat bone to the skeleton.

I have 3DSMax, and I have all the necessary .smd plugins

In-model viewer:






What is the issue here? I’m not seeing it in the pictures, unless you mean you want to change the helmet.

i don’t think you can since the game needs a script to attach the hat. the most you could do is plop it on and weight it to the head bone in 3ds max and just have to use that

As silly as it seems, the hats for the jailbreak server sit on-top of the helmet.
Anything from afros to sherrif’s hats are wearable on the server.

The hats are external models but they’re scripted like 1337gamer said.
According to a content dev from the site (he’s a coder not a modeler), said the bone would have to be there for hats to work on them. Or else they’d sit sideways in the middle of the air without it.

Here’s a picture of one of their already made playermodels with the Bone:


Here’s a picture of the model that i’ve made without the Bone:


I just need to know how to add the bone to the model because their old modeler quit the team, so i’m a “temporary” fill in. Their current model looks like it’s wrapped in plastic in-game cause of the bad texturing. Though my expertise is hardly in modeling, i’m best at textures.

Models attach on same named bones. - in hlmv you can test by using the attach weapon command.

To add the bone itself, you need to decompile the model and add it to it. And then recompile.

How do I add the bone?

I don’t think you have to add a bone, you could probably just rig a hat to the head bone as a separate model.

Thing is, there are not separate models for different hat combinations, it’s just one playermodel and a multitude of different hats the play can choose from. Scripts etc.

If both the models Share the same skeleton (apart from the hat bone)

Decompile both, and use the hatted bones ragdoll.

Just make sure to add a hat attachment so that the bone won’t get culled.