Rigging an object to a ragdoll in 3ds Max.

For example, i’d like to rig a hat to the HL2 citizen’s head, and rig a radio to his chest. How do i do so? Is there any tutorial? If you’re going to link me to mariokart64n’s, then tell me where is the part he explains that because i couldnt find it.

I dont know what are your skills with 3DS Max but rigging a hat it is fairly simple… so you got some guy imported in Max … now … move that hat on his head, rotate it, do anything you want, i dont care… now … in modifiers tab use modifier called Skin, click Bones: Add and select head bone (probably ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1) … hat should now move with head … if not, click edit envelopes, tick vertices, select whole model and set abs. effect to 1 … try moving head bone (ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1) it should work
I hope you will understand my english xD

I think it can be also done in .qc , but you asked how to do it in max …

It’s just like you’re doing a headhack.,
decompile the model, open the reference.smd. import the hat into the model,. make it into a single mesh, add the weight of the hat 100% to the head bone. then open the collision model,. add/make a collision for the hat (you may need to place the hat again for collision model). add the weight of the hat 100% to the head bone, then recompile,.

it’s almost the same as what on mariokart’s guide,. you can use it as reference,.
haven’t done it so it might have some errors and you might need to redo the collisions,.