Rigging arms into an UT3 weapon.


Im now trying to rotate the weapon.

Im having problems compiling it.

Heres the QC: http://pastebin.com/00URQg3e

I appreciate any help

Heres the complete source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43050980/Carbine%20(Source).rar

Simple fix, and I will show you.

You need to change this:

Into this:

That way, your model should compile properly and not be rotated off screen or into an odd position.

Didnt work
It says cannot find file 0.00

Remove the 0.00 bits then. I usually don’t even include them, but from what I’ve noticed with a few Source games, they need to be included every now and then. After removing the 0.00’s, it should look something like this:

Hope that works for you.

Dont worry, an friend of mine fixed the model.

Now, i only need to start coding the swep, and it will be done.

It will be also released with one alternate hands skin and 5 alternate weapon skins.