Rigging different bodygroups on a single model

I’m porting some models from World of Warships, but they are too complex to be compiled as single models. So I’ve thought about splitting them into 4 bodygroups (bow, midfront, midback and stern) which should work. The problem is that some of those bodygroups will have turrets on them, and I want to rig them so they can be rotated.

This is one of the models I’m porting, in this case I would need to rig 2 of the bodygroups (mid-front and mid-back) because they have turrets on them:

My question is, do I need to create a skeleton for each bodygroup before exporting them to .smd? Will the different skeletons conflict with each other after compiling the bodygroups into a single model?

Oh yes awesome work, finally someone is porting the FULL WoWs models.

Put all of the moving parts in the main model, and make the rest bodygroups. Should not be too difficult.

Don’t forget to make sure the ship is to scale. You can compile smaller models for bathtub battles.

Oh neat, I didn’t think about that :dance: Also I’ve been porting WoWS models for a while now (both 1:1 and 1:4 scales for “bathtub battles” :v:), although they are just the hull + armament because until now I didn’t have a way to put all of the billions of tiny detail models together.

I’ll try what you suggested and report back in a while. Check out my workshop if you want, as I said my models have some missing details but I will update them if this works.

I already had seen your workshop work though, looking forward to see what you can do with the full models.

Damnit, there are too many materials and it won’t let me compile it. I was hoping cra0kalo’s compiler could work but it has limit of 64 materials, while my model has more than 100.

Over 100 diffuse maps? Surely you jest. Are you sure you did not accidentally dropped the normal, specular and reflective maps there?

Actually, how did you get the model? If you used ninjaripper, remember that creates duplicate meshes.

I wish I was joking, blame Wargaming for splitting their ships into a billion tiny models and giving each one of them their own texture. I got the model directly from the game files, no ripping involved.



Actually there are 65 .vmt files, just 1 more than the compiler limit. I could remove some almost invisible models to reduce the material count right below the limit.


Remove the flags, The actual ship structure takes priority in here.
Atleast when we get source 2 we won’t have to worry about nonsense like this. Seriously, what was WG thinking?