Rigging for Source

I’m looking at making some character models for Source and I wanted to get some information regarding the rigging. I’ll be using Maya 2014 along with ZBrush 4R6, however if it is necessary to use Blender or 3DS Max do let me know!

I assume my options are to either use the default bi-ped and model around those proportions, or create my own rig? What is the best way to go about both of these? Do you paint weights/set influence on the default bi-ped? Any tutorials or links would be very helpful.


You can either make your own or use the default Valve Biped, but be warned that using your own will not allow you to make a player model (unless you pivot the bones to match the Valve Biped). As for the program, you can use whatever you’d like but many tutorials are mainly for 3ds Max. Also, you need to rig the bones to your model and use skin modifier (or whatever you like) and weight the bones to the vertices near the bone or else the model will look pretty weird and bend in a funky way.

Hope this helps.

That’s great, thanks. Is the default biped in T-pose or A-pose? And is there anywhere I can see the scaling or unit values?

T-pose. What do you mean by scaling or unit values?

The default is in T-pose but you can move the bones into any position you wish as long as it’s nothing more than posing.

As for scales, you can import a citizen model to see a scale comparison if that’s what you mean.

Alright, thanks.

The unit converstion so that I can make sure I’m working at the right scale. I’ll just import the citizen model as CaptainBigButt said.

So I couldn’t move the bones to Y-pose and bind a Y-posed character mesh?

Thanks for the help!

What I mean is you can move the bones in any position you find suitable as long as you don’t scale them or unlink them.