Rigging GMOD Playermodel

So I got my playermodel weight painted to my liking and everything but theres still a few problems.


On the playermodel the hands aren’t connected and the arms are way too high. Someone reccomended me the proportion trick but that sounds way to complicated for someone like me who has pretty much zero coding knowledge.

Any suggestions?

And also, what’s up with the dark lighting on it.?

Some rigging problems, can’t really help you in that as I don’t know much about it.
The dark lighting is because you have to put in $illumposition in the .qc (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$illumposition)


I’m sure this is because the hands are moved to a new position by the m_anm animation, probably because the old model has shorter arms, you can try making the end of the forearm a bit longer in blender, or use the proportion trick to push the animation for the hands inside, but I suggest doing the first, as the latter is not 100% sure to work and will be much more complicated.

Thank you. Quick question, ifi move the arm mesh (not bone) downwards in blender, will it fix the high arm thing?

It won’t, if you move the whole arm down not only will you have an ugly ragdoll, but the playermodel itself will have arms resembling an eldritch horror, the best course of action would be having longer sleeves (like said before) and maybe lowering the shoulder if you really want to nitpick it.

Thank you.

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Wait, wouldn’t making the arm longer cause some errors because of the hand and arm taking up the same space? And did you mean move the arm mesh down or the bones or what?

To help visualize I made a very bad drawing:

The black dots are the bones, and the animation requires them to be in a certain position and rotation so they’re basically blocked.
In the first example the forearm is too short to reach the hand, so we just extend the sleeve to match the animation.
In the second example we move the whole arm down, this fixes most issues when standing still, but since the mesh has moved away from the bones, when it animated the vertex groups will move as the weight paint tells them to using the bone as pivot point, thus creating an indescribable eldritch horror that is much harder to draw with basic shapes.

Huh, interesting.

Note: I would post a picture of what the model looks like in blender, but my internet is out and I’m relying on mobile data. In Blender, the mesh for the hand and arms are connected perfectly. And the top of the arm is at a reasonable height.

I’ll try to link a picture of the model in blender.

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Sorry, my phone does not want to send pics the normal way.

Yes that’s completely normal, that’s because the position of the bones for both the ragdoll and blender are from the original model, if you were to load any of the player animations on blender you’d see the same problem, you will have to adjust the model in blender so it overshoots and covers a bit of the hand too, you probably won’t get it right the first time so keep trying until you find that it fits in game.
Mind you this is just the laziest but easiest way to do it, the result is a playermodel unlike the original model and ugly ragdoll’s hands, since I’m sure the ragdoll animation uses the model’s bones, there are other ways but considerably harder.

Thank you for your help, I got the playermodel to a stage where I actually like it. (Compared to others, It’s not that good but eh) Of I ever upload it to workshop I’ll try to credit you.

I used the idea of moving the arm mesh down to the hand and instead moved the hand mesh up to the arm. (to avoid the arms being eerily long) I also moved the top of the arm mesh down so it matches up the way I want. (at least with the empty hands swep). There are a few quirks here and there like the arm needs to be moved foreward a little, the hand’s rotation needs to be fixed, and I need to remove that ungodly chrome texture. But other than that I’m happy with it.


You mustn’t move the hand, else it will rotate badly, besides, the forearm does look small already, if you don’t like the chrome texture hand it to me and I’ll fix it for you (VMT file and VTF)

Here is the model folder itself if you want to do anything with it.
The materials files are right here.
(calhoun_chrome.vtf and calhoun_chrome.vmt)

What the hell is that link, you should use Mega.nz instead, just post the VMT in code instead

Like this

Also you should really think about the hand thing I said before, they will rotate in weird and unnatural positions since the bone will be at the center of the hand, think of it like real bones and where they rotate, it would look like a wheel and not a hand.

Sorry. Uploadig to my website is just easier on me.

As for the VMT code thing, how do you do that? I’m still pretty new to facepunch.

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Nevermind here you go.

	"$envmap" "models\secure/barney_chrome"
	"$envmapsphere"			1
	"$envmapmode" 1

	// requred to see specular on dx6+7 at all
	"$multipass" 1

WOW that’s a weird VMT, seems like it’s not even a texture, makes sense why you wouldn’t want it, that hat is 100% a mirror, it uses it’s own envmap… that way out of my league.
You have 2 options, leave as is or make your own texture for it, I suggest making a VTF that is 2x2 (dimensions) and color it a single shade of gray, then you modify the current VMT into just:

	"$baseTexture" "models\secure/THENAMEOFTHEVTF"

Obviously you put the name of the VTF where it says "THENAMEOFTHEVTF"

Thanks! I also see another very obvious error that I should’ve noticed immediately. Where it says:

	"$envmap" "models\secure/barney_chrome"



Should be


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I’ll try it and tell you how it works out.