Rigging in XSI 7.5

Can someone please link me to a tutorial on rigging a model to a HL2 skeleton?

Probably the complete wrong terminology, but basically I want to compile my model so it uses the HL2 animations.

Thanks in advance.


This should do it, however when you start fixing the weights, I suggest painting the weights instead of using the weight editor. Just click the brush icon lower left corner of the screen, select the bone from the list, set the radius and opacity using the sliders and finally click add and the palette icon below it. Much easier than just tweaking the weights point by point with weight editor. Use the weight editor if you want to get rid of wrong weights, for example when some points in the head are assigned to pelvis (can happen, and it’s not even rare in some cases)

Hope this helped…

Thanks guys. This is really confusing…


That sounded a bit sarcastic. It wasn’t intentional.


So, I paint/import my weight map, merge the two files together (one with a skeleton), delete the original, then what?


That’s right, right?

Because I don’t really understand the weight map crap and I can’t merge files…

You need the model .smd you are going to replace, for example a citizen if you are going to replace it. Select the model, click Valvesource and export Weightmap. After that import both models in the same scene, remove the citizens mesh and edit your models mesh so it fits the skeleton. Then select your model, click Valvesource and import weightmap and so you have a base for your rig. Then just paint the weights as I told earlier and move the bones around to test it. Testing and experimenting is never a bad thing.

Stupid question; how do I make the skeleton visible?


unable to set visibility on some parameters. The following groups are interfering; rigs

I get this error when I select it and press H.


I got it working!

Sort of!

Thankyou so much Nahka.

Just need to play around with the weights and shit so it doesn’t glitch the fuck out.

So I haven’t really done anything on the model for a few days, but I sort of get what I have to do now, but I don’t actually know how to paint.

I click the paint brush in the lower left and then what…?

Thanks in advance.


Shit, my bad, didn’t see the link on the wiki to the page on weight map editing.

It’s done! It’s working!

Now to get it into Source :v: