Rigging ported unity models

So I recently managed to export some .obj files from unity into blender, along with textures.

The main problem I’m facing after exporting these models is that they’re supposed to be character models but have no rigging/bones and no animations. I tried rigging them in blender (Fixed the reference mesh to smooth shading, set the phys mesh to flat shading and rigged both with the same armature) but once I export them to SMD and compile them with this .qc:

$scale            40
$modelname    "static\r_titan.mdl"
$cdmaterials    "models\ragdoll"
$model studio Bone_boss

$collisionjoints Bone_boss-phys
$sequence ragdoll Bone_boss-phys

this happens when I load the ragdoll in a source game such as GMOD:

My rigging isn’t based on any existing source model because its kinda unique, I just followed a random blender tutorial on setting the armature for a model.
Here’s some pictures of the rig setup.



and I also didn’t bind the bones to specific vert groups. I just set the bones and they automatically set their own groups.

Any help with rigging this would be greatly appreciated, I’ve already tried looking at a bunch of videos but none show how to rig a ragdoll in blender for the source engine.

Bump, I really need a solution to this.