Rigging question

First of all im not even sure if im aloud to post help threads here, ive done it once before and seen others so i assume its OK.

Well my question is, is it possible to rig something to a partial skeleton. Say a pair of pants so tha their flexible for posing. would i need to attach it a whole skeleton, part of one or is there a different method?

I ask because im planning on doing the armor from monster hunter but parts like the legs and tasset need some sort of flexibility. especially the longs. itd be nice for the chest aswell for better posing.

Also to add it here instead of starting another thread to ask, would anyone be interested in helping me do all the armor from monster hunter? there a lot of armor and im not sure if i can do it alone.

Thanks for taking a look, im hoping it can be done.

I’m not sure if I understand your question fully.

Otherwise the flexibility is mostly done by the physics model.

Ok, lets see how i can phrase this better. I am trying to make the armor from monster hunter into props. But i noticed the legs are basically a pair of pants. And if i turn that into a prop it wouldn’t be poseable at all. I thought about ragdolling it but its just a pair of legs. Is it possible to just ragdoll the legs so they can be posed with other ragdolls? Or do i need to do another method for this?

Yes, of course. You just make bones for the pants, weigh the vertices to them, and go from there.
Skeletons can take any form, with any number of bones, so you can ragdoll even a wig, or a lump of pork fat or something. There’s not much limiting you except for Source’s built in bone-limits (128 maximum total bones, and 32 maximum collision joints).

Cool, thanks ill try to get an armor set done before this weekend. Next issue is finding people who have an interest to help. I can do it myself itll just take a lot of time. Anyhow thanks again!