Rigging Ragdolls in 3ds Max

Okay gents, I need some help.
I’ve got a character model freshly exported from GTAIII and would like it to be a ragdoll so it can be used in poses, but i’m not quite sure how to “Rig” it.
Does anyone have a tutorial or guide handy? Some helpful keybinds? It would be best if it was for rigging a “Valve” skeleton, so it would work better if i need to make a Player model out of it. But it’s not 100% neccesary.

Thanks for your time, I’m looking foward to your answers. If you have any questions, fell free to ask. The model in question is “Claude Speed” from GTAIII, the guy you play as. Models exported from the game work 100% in gmod, so don’t worry about that.

Yes, there is a good one here. Is a bit hidden, but you can still find it in the search feature:


It’s for a much older version, so i’m not very confident in it. I’ll try anyway.

Doesnt matter what version of Max you use (between 8 and 2012), all are the same except with a few changes. The only thing you have to do is download the required plugins for your version.

Dude, the weight tool is broken. I’m unable to rig at all.
Is there a fix for this, or a way around this? If not, the tutorial you supplied is useless.

I use Skin or Physique modifiers for rig. No idea about if there is a fix. Also, version of your Max?

How is it broken?

Yea, 3ds Max 2012’s weight tools were broken when it first released. Get the new service packs/updates here http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/index?id=2334435&linkID=9241178&siteID=123112#section1.

You cannot select Vertices while the Weight tool is broken

I’ll try the service pack

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Is there a better way to create a phys model? The model i’m porting is old and primitive, so deleting the edges at joints makes it all jaggered or just plain removes entire parts of the body.

Create some boxes, convert it to a mesh edit., give it any texture and rig it.