Right section of suggestion ?

This is the right place to make suggestions for the game? Yesterday I spent hours analyzing some guidelines of the game and would like to suggest a few things.

many of us make suggestions in this forum. but not if you are taken into account, in some post sometimes it says Garry.
I still do not have that privilege, but surely some of us we will give our opinion about your ideas.
atualmente one offical place to put things not exist. because you control users is very difficult.

yeah pretty much. the forum is a jungle though, so expect tigers.

I will give some suggestions and some questions. I would see if you agree with me.


  • New Items: (current Items are boring on late game);
  • Compass would be interesting (Sometimes we get more time looking friends than playing the game itself. The RUST currently play alone is very bad.);
  • Attributes on items;
  • MAP;
  • Binoculars;


  • System family/clan (Sometimes it’s hard to trust new friendships made within the server. A protection system can prevent from killing each other while in the same clan.);
  • New animals, harder to kill;
  • The forest at night is much more dangerous;
  • Pets;
  • System of fishing;
  • Construction of rafts to cross the river;
  • Hydration by water;
  • Sunstroke case stay too long naked in hot sun;
  • Fix the bug of lighting inside the house;


I’m on board with rafts (Pun intended).

So much water on the procedural maps (And you cannot swim for very long before drowning). I’d agree that a shabby raft would be a good idea.

Make better boats with different resources etc.

New Items (need to be more specific and believes that currently are adding new items nearly every week)
Compass would be interesting (there is much talk of a system to map but nothing now sure. personally I like this post Click here ).

MAP (Same thing as compasss.)
Attributes on items Currently objects have attributes except the clothes but they are working on it XD.

binoculars good idea indeed is first time I hear it.

System family / clan I was to talk about this and it seems that nothing is implemented similar.

New animals, harder to kill this is a post with proposals for new animals Click here. and this is a post with a proposed AI for animals Click here.

The forest at night is much more dangerous sounds good but as ?

pets what would be the function of them? than animals? I eat better be advisable ?

System of fishing Is in progress.

Construction of rafts to cross the river. good idea but till now no one has proposed anything concrete about it.

Hydration by water I think that already exists.

Sunstroke case stay too long naked in hot sun think they are considering

Fix the bug of lighting inside the house I know nothing of that bug sorry

sorry me inglish im italian :wink:

houri, most of these are not new suggestions, and have been discussed over and over in the forums. Compasses and Maps pretty much separate folks 50/50 between those who want it and those who hate it. System of fishing, Hydration / thirst-quenchers, harder to kill [RAD] animals are pretty much all on the way.

The more interesting suggestions there were Binoculars, (presumably a crafted item, to allow you to zoom in on the horizon), and Sunstroke, (presumably the opposite to cold in the Snowy Biome at night, heat in the Desert Biome during daytime).


About the forest at night:

During the night the amount of dangerous animals increase, making you have to think twice before leaving the house in a night race.

Pets can protect you and make company when playing alone. The problem is to identify friends and foes.

I talked rafts because the structure it resembles the game. A boat would be more evolved than a raft.

A raft can be made of wood logs side by side tied with cloths.

It would be possible to build a boat evolving it with a hammer. But let’s think about the utility of the suggestions. Evolution of rafts in the future.

PS: I thought of something but do not know if it’s relevant. Sometimes it takes me 5-10 minutes walk to a place where my friend is.Animals for ride, Horses, Oxen, animals that can be assembled by improving locomotion map.

remember this is just my opinion;)
level programming I see complicated spawning and elimination of dangerous animals overnight.
to have (very little, no) visibility, the risk of finding a (dangerous animal / person) is high.

pets suggest you do a post on this topic, fine prepared with images and some AI if possible. I almost always play alone and I would like to have a pet in the world as hard as it is rust

same suggestion, make a post
I like the idea of rafts reo-level programming and as in real life, the hardest thing is to make the object float in the future XD obiamente can think of more elaborate canoes and other boats but always handmade.

I think you mean mounts. I personally do not like the idea, but I’m sure many like it.



When we build a house we have to get farther and farther to collect resources. There comes a time that it is not feasible to return. A horse would be interesting at this time. However it is worth remembering that
balancing must be made:

For example, a horse can only be found in forests and mounted for a few minutes. After this time he rebels and leaves. Something like this to make game not so easy.


i’ll create a topic with all instructions.


I understand.