Right Whale

This is my first model request thread so I am a little nervous.

I would like a ragdoll of a right whale. This is a request I would like for personal use, as I think it would be cool to have whales in Gmod:

Possible games you can rip from: Endless Ocean (Wii - pictured).

This is a serious request open to all interested and competent modellers.

EDIT: Because of your strong support, I have another interesting request after this one is fulfilled.

I understand there seems to be lack of interest, so I will give some motivation:

Me and Lillwasa are in agreement that there should be more animals in Gmod. You might say there are many already referring to the Xen aliens of the Half-Life games, but I refer to those as “monsters”. There are actually very few real-life animals in Gmod, but that’s understandable because a game’s a fantasy most of the time, isn’t it?

But if that is most of the case, wouldn’t you like to try something new for a change? I mean most of the animal requests are either dinosaurs or alien species as such, and yet people go and port those, but what about something that hasn’t been done as much? I know it might not sound interesting for a request but, there’s a lot of different possibilities you can do with a new ragdoll, and who knows? You might even like using this ragdoll after a while.

I’ll also take any questions you might have.

EDIT: Removed to teach me a lesson.

I for one wouldn’t mind to see whales and other sea creatures in Gmod.

No they aren’t, just more work.

Don’t say stuff you don’t even know about.

I could do this , but i don’t got any whale models lying around.

Edit: nvm

Ok then. I’ve learnt my lesson. What you said and more importantly, never, ever, guess what people will say.

This is why I’ve detailed in my first post a game you can rip from. I would not request it if a game with such models you could port didn’t exist.


I understand. You probably have a lot of stuff to do, but in the end, I wanted to test the water with who’s busy and who’s not.

By the way, there are plenty more modellers out there on Facepunch right?

So to bring attention the game you can rip from has anyone got a modified Wii to rip from and a copy of Endless Ocean?

What happened? Something change your mind about that post?

I would at least appreciate someone having a go at doing this. All you need is a Wii and Endless Ocean.

I cannot imagine why this seems so hard around here.

i want dolphins to.

I agree with more animals - always excited when someone requests or does one

That’s what I’ve been trying to do: Get more animals into Gmod. None of the big baleen whales have ever made it into Gmod.