Rings On Skybox

When playing rust and looking at the sky I notice rings which appears to be created by the moons halo. I would like to see the sky in its full beauty but don’t know what is causing it.

Any ideas?

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Its normal.

It’s artifacting caused by either running in 16 bit color, or because the source image that the sky is generated from was made/saved incorrectly.

bad dithering. hurts the eyes.

how does one correct this?

Need dithering.
I can see it well even at my CRT monitor.
But It’s alpha. Not a finished product. Still ahead.

My guess is it has rendering levels varying on distance that way it is not all 100% loaded causing fps drops.

Yeah it looks really bad on my 21" Trinitron.

Rocking a Samsung SyncMaster Bx2431…and looks like crap.

One petitions the developers to change how the sky is rendered.

Not enough colours for the sky to render smoothly. Looks awful.

I’m sure the developers know about it. It’s just not a priority right now.