Rin's tutorial: How to do eyes in the source engine

Since urdead is a retart he asked me to make this for him because he doesnt know how to into source models

First load up your model.


Go into element mode


select the each eyeball and add textures with the names

eyeball_l and eyeball_r

its good to have some handy on the desktop.




now select an eye one at a time


select the move tool and right click the same icon.


Window should pop up.


now open qceyes.exe, they should be located in the bin folders of the root of HL2,CSS,CSGO, etc.
tick Z axis up


post the info from earlier into these boxes, then click generate QC text



now you only need the highlighted stuff in your QC.
now in your materials folder for your ragdoll, you should have VMTs for the eyeballs.
if you dont have then get them from other models.

That’s not a good way to get those eye values. That will only work if the model already has full sphere models for the eyeballs. It’s better to instead just create a primitive sphere, position it in the eye sockets in a way it looks right and then get the values from that. Also another note, qceyes will only accept numbers that use periods, not commas for the decimal mark.

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Simkas is right. You shouldn’t be using spheres for eyes in source, it can break the shader, but you should use spheres for getting the eye position.

I wrote up a post addressing this, and even wrote up a slightly more lightweight tool to calculate the values, and included source files for max and commented .qc files for additional clarification.

spheres seem good enough if you need that extra geometry for detailed stuff.

I think Tf2 uses spheres for its eyes, or half spheres.

Ooooooooh I’ve been searching for this!!
Thank you very much!!

by any chance. can you also please make detailed guide for face posing?

TF2 eyes are just flat surfaces.

But honestly I’ve talked with a bunch of people about this before, the general consensus was that having spheres for eyes doesn’t really change anything. Only thing that might happen is rarely you could get a repeating eye bug, that’s it.