Rin's tutorial: How to rip from Battlefield Bad Company 2!

So this has always stumped a lot of people, even me, thankfully asking around the FP community got me an answer.

Things you will need:
A copy of BFBC2.
Ninja Ripper
3dsmax 2009-2013

1 - First locate your BFBC2 info:


2 - locate “settings.ini”

3 - Open it in notepad or a lua text program and CTRL+F this


4 - Set auto to 9: example


5 - start up BFBC2 with ninjarippers DX9 injector and you can now rip from BFBC2 Vietnam and the normal BFBC2, campaign and multiplayer!

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NR Texture Coordinates

24;25(mostly clothing and straps)
20;21(pouches and holsters)
16;17(earpiece, mouth, eyeballs) 

From the old BC2 thread:

BC Vietnam too.

thanks, added to OP, i might post some models later.

Now I just need BFBC2 for the Black Hawk and Apache :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the faces still gorilla-like?


I think that only happens with the Vietnam faces. Pretty sure the devs stretched out the original models like that on purpose and made it normal using animations. You can even spot a quick glimpse of it in-game after entering a vehicle.

That way when Ninja Ripper resets the bones it also resets the face bones into that messed up t-pose.