RioRP - Favela Roleplay (Rio de Janeiro)

RioRP - Favela Roleplay (Rio de Janeiro)


Credits of the map:


> Some screenshots of how it is today:


More updates soon!

This looks good, how far in development are you?


Seriously, get your facts straight, bope is Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, something in the lines of Police Squadron of Special Operations (Yes, the squad belongs to the Military Police anyways).

The idea is good, and I’d take part in the development at any given time.

I have a somewhat reasonable LUA experience and pretty basic modelling/texturing (not enough to work on good models, enough to hex models, rip, retex, etc).

Huzzah, an original schema idea at last! Only so many generic Apoc RPs you can have.

When I first read the title I thought of either a request or some shitty DarkRP edit, I was happily suprised, this one looks kinda promising.

Yeah, thought the same Loures. But I’ve got 1 question.

Is the “shop” menu a rip off of DarkRP? :expressionless:

No. It is an “F1” menu that I created myself.

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Yes, I know what is the BOPE. However, I just specify what was the Military Police Battalion. :slight_smile:

“El Cocain senor… Si…”

Good luck sir! :slight_smile:

To understand the environment I want to recreate with this mode:

Boa sorte com o projeto, espero que tudo dê certo :smiley:

Good luck with your project, I hope it goes as planned :smiley:

Obrigado, já estamos progredindo com o projeto, em breve postarei novas fotos.

Thank you, we are progressing with the project, soon we will post new pictures.

Rio reminds me of

As all others have been saying, this seems interesting. It actually seems like some RP worth trying out sometime. Only thing I don’t like about it is that very weird looking HUD (Mainly location of what I believe to be health bar, and text just looks weird) . If changed, it would probably make the game mode look at lot better. Good luck with this. Hopefully when anything gets done with it and it is released or whatever I’ll be able to place it on my server to see how it is.

Actually, this “HUD” is just to change the original, is not definitive, if someone offers to do a HUD prettier, please contact me.

Is this by any chances a DarkRP edit?
This looks exactly like a DarkRP gunlab:

It is a Dark RP edit. That gas can SWEP definitely isn’t his either, I’ve seen it on toybox and elsewhere (the most original application of the exact same oil-spread-fire idea is here ). The prestige points idea is reminiscent of other Dark RP servers’ “level up” systems, in fact, I think it’s the same exact thing.

I’m not really seeing a lot of original work here. Why are there like five pictures of the same badly posed guy with a black uniform and an M4?

Damnit I thought it would be the Rio Grande RP, I want to shoot some meheecans.

Yes, is DarkRP edit, and the Gascan is from the toybox, but all claims are being properly delivered to each edit or copy. I do not know programming very well, and when I had the idea of RioRP, of course existed in my mind the example of many things I had ever seen in Garry’s Mod But if anyone has any idea to make more original and modify the dynamics of the gameplay, feel free to contact us!

That could make a good game :slight_smile: the border patrol has to try to stop them from crossing the border. You could even throw in drug smugglers too.

This + favela from mw2 = win lmao