Riot cops on the move

Long time no see.

Thanks to Ghost!!! for telling me how to fix the lighting problems.

Smash ASEM 2026


In all seriousness, it is awesome, sexy shadows are sexy, what did you set them to? 4096?


That’s pretty damn good.


stupid Source transparency messing things up a bit on the left

still cool

The cop on the far right is all “I’m gonna justice the fuck out of those rioters”

It’s so odd to see Finnish police look like technologically advanced force that is going to slap your shit up.

Everyone else is using golden robots with rayguns at that point.

Lol Golden Robots, technically that would make them weak as shit since Gold isn’t very strong, unless you mean sprayed Gold, then sure, that’s fine.

This is awesome dude.

Awesome, lovely posing.

I love that the one guy has an XM-25. He’s all

‘Fuck, no one told me it was Riot Shield Monday.’

Works better for nonlethal than a pumpaction shotgun.