Riot Gamemode [Development]

Riot Gamemode

Greetings, and thanks for taking time to read this thread. (I know i’ve created another thread about this, perhaps the other one was wrong and i requested a mode to delete it)

Riot is a Garry’s Mod game mode under development, inspired by riots around the globe. You will have the experience to play as one of two teams:

The Riot Police, which are there to control the situation and maintain order, or the Rioters, in which you must complete an objective and spread chaos!

Different from Counter Strike and most source engine games and mods (If not all); Riot game mode has no lethal weapons such as AKs, M4s, etc. That is right! You will be playing with non-lethal weapons, such as riot shields, nightsticks, throw-able bottles, and homemade weapons such as Molotov’s.

This game mode will have a large variety of maps produced by our team, and we plan to accept maps created by the community.

UPDATE : We changed a lot of stuff since we started . I’m going to update this thread as soon as i can.

So do you have anything actually done yet?

Yes , We have the core done and also some maps . We are working on the class system , Huds , maps , models and sweps

Might help if you provide more media (screenshots/video of the gamemode) instead of just a screenshot of a map and a bunch of ideas that you hope to implement.

Indeed , I’ll post more pictures here . Perhaps at the moment, I may only show some sweps and player models we’ll be using . I’ll post a video soon as well . Keep in mind that it’s not just me developing , We are 5.

Seems interesting, I’ll be waiting for it!

Seems a bit Interesting, wouldn’t mind trying it when you’ve got a server up!

Looking forward into hearing more about this GM, I love games that use either bank robberies and riots, so this will be something I am going to dive into! :slight_smile:

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I am ultra excited for this gamemode, i hope i could host it on my 30 slots server.

Glad you liked it ! We plan hosting only on our servers .

When do you think it will be finished? I am very excited about playing this :smiley:

We don’t have a date yet . Join our steam group to stay updated !

All I see is a picture of a map and a picture of a cop model holding a shield…
Do you actually have anything done other than ideas?

You say it like making a map is easy and takes 10 seconds.

He says it like actual scripting progress matters too.

I say it like who said he made that map?
How many times have there been threads here with all these “ideas” for a gamemode then we hear nothing else about it?

That map is ours , and yes we have other things done , those are not just ideas . That’s all i can say now , you believe in what you want .

I swear i’ve seen this map pop up like…months ago? Hasn’t this ‘idea’ been out for quiet some time now riot? I can see why Commander is wondering where is your progress when it’s been at least a week since this thread was made and only a model and a map(which I know I’ve seen awhile ago) is all you have to show.

Yes, it has popped up. How ever then he was looking for developers as I recall.