RIOT Gamemode


Riot is a gamemode currently under development by a small team of developers. The project idea was created by me (Tiago) and started back in earlier June 2014. In the beginning, it was just me. After some days, I shared my idea with my friend which is a good mapper and he decided to join me along this journey.
Since I lack knowledge about programming and LUA, I had to find someone to start the project, that’s why I tried Codehire and found a developer to start the project.
Along the development, I’ve been trying to contact swep devolpers and Lua programmers to see if it interested them helping us in the project. Along this journey, I’ve found a few developers that turned into my friends and that are now putting their efforts on RIOT gamemode. We still lack experienced people to help us in this project, and we are open to accept new developers that are willing to work in this project.

The Gamemode

Riot was inspired in riots and protests around the world. Nowadays we can easily see protests that end in violent riots around the world. From that, we thought in RIOT, a gamemode which you could choose between two sides : The riot police, which would stop the riot and keep the peace, and the rioters, which should fight for their cause and claims. In this gamemode, only non lethal weapons will be available for use for both sides, riot police and rioters.
Riot police will have in their disposal various types of weapons designed to control riots, such as shields, tear gas, Taser, rubber bullets and more. In the other hand, rioters will have at their disposal home made weapons, such as crowbars, hammers, bottles, Molotov, stones and more!


The gameplay of riot will be a simple system of teams and classes for both teams.
Both teams will have standards classes and special ones. In the special classes, the player will have a different kind of weaponry such as Tear gas, Rubber bullets for Riot police and Molotov and other weapons for the rioters.
We plan to have more then on game style, perhaps the one originally thought was named “domination”, which riot police should protect a building ( depending on the map) while the rioters should try to take over the building in a given time. Along the maps, there will have different kind of police barriers that riot police should defend, and which rioters objective should be destroy them to advance. Once one of those barriers are destroyed, the riot police team should go back and hold the next point.
We thought the game being cooperative, which both riot police and rioters would have to use team work to succeed on their objectives. Riot Police will have some weapons that will have the ability to incapacitate rioters.


Currently, we have only one map which is named “riot_capitol”. We plan to develop more maps and also accept maps created by the community in the future.

We are accepting Lua Programmers that are willing to join our team and help us ! If you are interest please add me on steam :

Sorry for my poor english, i’m from brazil.

If you wish you can add me on steam

Links :

My Steam Profile

I always wanted to make something like this myself. Do you have any gameplay screenshots at the moment? Demonstration of your weapons base? I went to the website and didn’t see much since you guys just set it up it seems.
Also, Rodney King riots plz

Sounds basically like a team deathmatch gamemode. You describe how your teams will use non-lethal weapons yet the rioters are using hammers and crowbars?

What’s the point of classes also?

Well , i have pictures of our map.

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It’s way more complex then a simple team deathmatch . Basicly they will use melee weapons, as in any riot around. The point of classes it to have a diversity of officers , for example the specialist , that will carry a rubber bullet shotgun , etc. Those special classes will be limited to only some players per round.

While it’s cool to show off your content, shouldn’t the Gamemode Releases forum be used to provide public releases, instead of promoting private ones?

Feels like a generic deathmatch gamemode with renamed teams, nice looking map though.

Well, I’m not sure , sorry if i posted in the wrong forum. And no, it won’t be a generic deathmatch.

I must admit, lovely map. What kind of other things are you planning on placing in the map objective wise for players?

My main reasoning for believing this is just another deathmatch gamemode is so far nothing seems like it’s separating itself from any other regular deathmatch gamemode.

You have two teams fighting each other over an objective.

I’d suggest for both teams you could change them up so one could be class based, while the other runs off different mechanics you know?

And example would be like making one team control possibly hordes of npcs against another team that must fight them off kinda like zombie master, where rioters would be

the numerous since they most of the time are during riots I presume.

Looks nice, make sure you have good models for the police and people rioting. For example theirs a gamemode out now with cops and robbers and the police all look about the same
and they are like British police models. We want the badass SWAT gear riot police that strike fear into people, and the people rioting should stand as symbols and look like actual rioters
with bandannas wrapped around there head protecting from the gas and shit. Just a couple suggestions since I’m already looking forward to seeing this progress!

Thanks for the suggestions ! We are working to it not be like a cheap deathmatch

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We gonna have nice models ! Don’t worry ! Thanks for the suggestions

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**We are accepting Lua Programmers that are willing to join our team and help us ! If you are interest please add me on steam : **

Blackbloc Simulator 2014 :v:

Uhhh , Maybe … Haha

Seems awesome! Keep us updated with your development!

Thanks everyone for the support and suggestions ! Soon we will post new screenshots and updates !

sounds almost deceptively similar to this: Which has been in production since 2012.

But I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Could you please edit the post to refer to the thread this is for next time. Since you didn’t, I will.