Riot revisited

READ THIS! This is based entirely off a pic by pMnky made a while back and this idea came to mind! Though the original of his wasn’t exactly fit to have a big explosion on it so I posed something like it myself and then edited it. The main purpose of this pic however is just editing practice, because I don’t have much experience with explosions!


pMnky’s original

Old thread

I like the fire a lot, although the explosion is a tad too pink.

Its very good it feels kinda empty behind the fuzz…add more fuzz maybe?

where did you get those skins!?! I gotta have them!

Type pmc in

Fires on molotov cocktail rags shouldn’t smoke that much. And make the smoke on the actual fire a bit lighter. It’s basically black this way, and that looks wrong.

I see some duplicates ! Anyway the rest is good.

Rest is good, I do indeed like the fire but maybe to much smoke cooming out of it

Anyone got some good pics showing what it actually looks like then?