Riot rp?

I have a simple idea the only gamemode it would need is DRP or cake. A city breaks out in riot and many people are looting shooting and getting beaten. (92’ LA anyone?). Is it a bad idea or good? What map should I use? How about GameMode?

It would be cool to see this! You would need an interactive city map that can be torn/lit/attacked. There would have to be a massive riot and it would have to be caused by a HUGE event. I really really like the idea. It would need a huge level of interactivity with the map aswell as a variety of real life items but I like this idea alot!


You know about it

Just go on any DarkRP server.

Seriously though, this would be awesome.

Sounds like a cool idea, although almost every RP server is accidentally like this. I agree with ryansnack1 that the city should be interactive… things such as burning down trees/grass and maybe even exploding gas stations would be cool. :smiley: Maybe there could be a bar or a gas station where you could make moltov cocktails… also, if you want guns in it, I doubt normal citizens would have much more than a handgun (or maybe airsoft/BB gun xD) so make the “big” guns such as SMGs and maybe even ARs quite hard to get.

Obviously, riot shields would be necessary, and tear gas would be cool… also obvious, the two main classes would be riot police/S.W.A.T. and rioter. Maybe each would start with small weapons… riot police could have just shields and rioters could have the ability to throw rocks. Perhaps there’d be a small level up system, awarding guns and abilities for the once causing/stopping the most mayhem.

Just throwing some ideas out there, hopefully someone out there will do it sometime.

Above much sounds like a Fretta gamemode that a RP gamemode

With the proper qualities this would be great :slight_smile:

Sounds good, hope it doesn’t turn into a Dark RP deathmatch though