Riot Shield bug Fix!

I am requesting for someone would fix the bug for Donkies RiotShield V2

Can anyone fix this simple bug?

What’s wrong with it? Any errors popping up on console?

Long time ago since I made it, I remember it failing pretty bad since garry updated how parenting worked on players, if that’s what you mean. If anyone could help me with that issue, please tell.

Using a prop and parenting it to the player is a very bad way to make a riot shield.

How would you do it then? Atleast it worked.

  • If you rotate quickly while pulling out the shield, it will get improperly angled to you. Just de-equip it and wait a few seconds before equipping it again.

that is what needs to be fixed.

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Question what kind of prop did u use to make your riot shield Zoey?
Could u send me a link for that prop.