Riot Shield Model.

So, I was bored and I made a Riot Shield model.
If someone wants then please make it a weapon. Like actually to be usable.
It’s made out of glass (since it represents bullet impact better than metal or smthing else) If you use it right, you can cover up against grenades, NPC’s shooting, players shooting, and some NPC’s. You can use it for ragdoll posing I guess. You can deflect manhacks , rollmines, turret, headcrab. In maps with AI nodes, NPC’s will just be trying to run arround you to shoot you. Don’t try to protect against antilion guard, since it will beat the shit out of you with 1 hit. And same with hunters if they run. If they shoot those fleches then you are safe.



Nice job :smiley:

Get some lua guy to make it an weapon.

It’s not only lua. It’s also a rigging.

Haha, I lol’ed at this part.
Looks nice.

because that happened to me. It punched me, I flied off the roof, and shield landed on me. Since it’s quite light.

Attach it to yourself using RagMorph.

The only way of attaching it to yourself so far is by using player welding. That lets you weld objects to yourself.

You can do anything you to yourself that can do with a ragdoll with RagMorph, so you can attach the shield to your arm. The only “problem” is that it’s in third person. But that’s probably for the better.

In case you haven’t heard about RagMorph:

Nice. Downloaded.

ok I tried out that ragmorph, well shield killed me as flying prop :smiley:

ya’ll know there’s a MUCH better one in the L4D2 weapons pack on that other thread, right?

I was going to say that. This is a good model, but the one Valve included in L4D2 is better.

Yeah how about not comparing 1 shitty model maker to game devs?

i made a riot shield model and world model i just need someone to do the coding

No need to get tetchy. I never said you were ‘1 shitty model maker’, and I said your model was good.

I think I know how I could use a riot shield…I put it above my head, and hope its a umbrella for nukes :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for the bump, but i rigged the shield as a world model with the stunstick and got this:

there is still some clipping on the shoulder and head when attacking.
also the shield dosn’t block bullets.