Riot Shield prop from Modern Warfare 2, perhaps?

As simple as this request may be (compared to my many lengthier ones), I am curious to know if anyone would have the time to successfully port over a model of the Riot Shield from MW2. Technically there is already one out there circulating in, but, unfortunately, it can only be found attached to the riot officer models found in the following pack: Unless I am mistaken, we currently have no MW2-derived Riot Shields that exist as separate entities.

Thanks for a moment of your time, everyone.


[SUB]Shown above: A foolish riot officer with a shield propped behind his back in-game.
Sadly, the subject is most likely to be turned into Swiss cheese…[/SUB][/release]

Well, unless you absolutely need the MW2 Riot Shield, there’s a Riot Shield prop included with the Riot Police that Bloocobalt put together.

If you absolutely must have the MW2 one, I guess I could take it off from one of those models and compile it as a separate prop.

Well, this request - as well as for my archived ones - is not so much for me as it is for anyone else who would like to have access to it. (I do my best to request things that may be sought after by others.) The shield from L4D2 is really nice; I’ve actually used it several times, but for the sake of variety I believe we should probably make an attempt to obtain the MW2 shield.

Yeah so in short: If you are positive that you’re up to the task of compiling the prop, please take as much time as needed. Thank you very kindly for offering!

Well, here you go then:

Wow! That was really quick!

I appreciate you being able to pull this off.

I love you. Full homo.