Riot shield SWEP

I’ve seen a ton of riot shield models, but no weapon. I’m picturing a weapon where primary fire holds it in front of you, slowing you down, and secondary fire pushes players about a foot away (shoving people away, for use in riots, hence the name “Riot Shield”) and when you crouch, you hold it up, but can’t move. This would be handy for RP, I think.

Give me the model. I might do it.

I’ll make it.


i have accually highly aticipated a riot shield swep and can not wait for its finish

That was a nice bump /\ (this isn’t a bump, it’s still up top)

what about using the shield from css as idk something

Mostly because we already had a model. I think he COULD’VE used it, I just gave him a different one.

make this please

Yes, this is awesome. It will help all the lonely CPs defend themselves.

it would be REALLY cool if he could make it for NPCs (CPs, mostly), and they would stand still, and push you away with it if you got too close.

Well, the Combine Soldiers will push you away. Just change the animation a bit and booyah, you got the pushing animation for the shield. Also, the same action will do, some hp off and pushback. But getting NPC’s to use it correctly will be a problem. You COULD contact the maker of SMOD: Tactical and ask how the fuck he got the shields to work.

I would assume that could be done seeing a metro cop can knock you back if you go too close to him anyways.

only if the map is set to do that. An unarmed CP in gm_construct wont, but a CP in HL2’s d1_trainstation_01 will.

Sorry, I got banned. I’ll make it now.

Do you want it to unfreeze and remove any welds/constraints on props?


Does anybody mind getting some sounds for me? I need one that sounds like a “sheytrtpj” when you’re drawing the riot shield.

meybe add a warning such as GET BACK

Gimme till later today.

ok really what the hell happened to this it like died randomly. im calling murder

Wtf, are people still on this project?