Riot Shield!

Yay! Its a facking riotshield!
This is basicly a shield (model by arleitiss) that you can wield and it will protect you! When you deploy it, a shield prop model will be spawned infront of you, it will parent to your eyes and follow them, all around. The Shield is still physical and will block bullets, quite effective. (Crouch and aim slightly upwards for pure win)

Please no flaming about that I have copied off someone or anything like that, I got the idea of . I have NOT asked him about permission of “taking” the model, but I have given him plenty of credits for it, and I dont say anywhere the model is mine.

Pictures are to be find at page.

I am all open for ideas :slight_smile:

I just noticed the bad grammar of this post, sorry.

Why don’t you make it a SWep?

It is?

Aah, no. I see what you mean, but I meant, instead of the swep just spawning the riotshield, make the riotshield model clientside (i.e. a viewmodel), then code it to do that.

Not possible, because then, it would not resist the bullets. Viewmodels aint physical.

I think what he means is make so the world model is invisible to the player who is using it, and is replaced by a view model

Why can’t companies seem to make games where instead of having a viewmodel/worldmodle, you have a “scripted ragdoll” persay?

Because plain ragdoll are hard to animate using just physics

This currently don’t got a viewmodel, as I am failcake at modelling such things. Neither a Worldmodel. I just think it’s enough with having the prop as both view and world model. Then you can also see if the Spawn error exists, so you won’t think that you block when you don’t.

I think ArmA 2 did that and the animations sucked.

Somehow when I read title, I had some clue it’s my model used.

Ok i’m confused.
So it’s a riot shield that deflects/blocks bullets without a viewmodel or world model?

Yes. It is a prop that wins.

Endorphin handles it kinda nicely, ala GTA 4 and Red Dead.

I hope you are ok with this :slight_smile:

Do you know if you got the source files for the model saved? Couse it would be awesome if I could be able to get it abit bigger, I know it’s just to change a scale multiplier in the .qc file.

Yes, you see, neither view or worldmodel got physics, they are just illusions.

Really? I heard they were good? meh, but they could improve it… with time…

Just an idea about making this more of a SWEP, and please be aware that I know nothing about LUA coding or SWEP making:

I know that some weapons have been made which put a shield around your player. Would it be possible to, rather than having a bubble around you, minimize the shield to a rectangular shape which sits in front of the player?

This way you could give the player a viewmodel, and perhaps an animation to do a shield bash or something like that.