Riot shields?

What i really want in Gmod is to be able to give the metro police guys riot shields along with their stun sticks. I’d do it myself but unfortunately I’m down right stupid when it comes to computers :smiley: Thanks if anyone can do this.

Theres already something like this, I think. go to and search “riot shields”, or “Riot”, or something

The stunstick model dosent work for me… :’(
Its just a red box…

It’s kind of funny since I have the stunstick world model but not the holding model.

If you want to see the stunstick veiw model just get Hl2 Deathmatch.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I think it’d be cool if we had a riot shield SWEP that worked like it did in Urban Chaos.

EDIT: The newer one, of course. Riot Response. For the XBox.

Yes you can get shields but they dont work they are props…
i think he was saying to make it a part of the weapon…