Riot Soldier is firing his PP2000.


It almost looks like a drawing.
Well done.

nice looks really good
but theres some isolation errors, cracks and blood on riot shield is superb
muzzle flash is too sharp

nice work ddok


Awesome glass cracks and smoke but the flash is painfully pasted on and the rim-lighting looks like you drew around the character with a pencil crayon. Make sure you give the rim-lighting some glow and only apply it where it is needed - there is no light behind the character here, so there shouldn’t be any rim-lighting.

stupid russian piece crap pistol.

It’s a smg, well yeah you can consider it as a pistol…yet again IW only likes to call it cause the amount of rounds :confused: yet again it upgraded to 30-40 I think.
Plus 200 meters of range compare to mp5’s.

200m what the fuu-
it’s small like on so I consider it more of a mini uzi type weapon